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OMM 2012 Howgills entry.

More about the OMM.
Feeling fit? Do you ever get the urge just to keep on going when you're out on the hills? Why not give yourself and a partner a real challenge with a two day challenge around the unspoiled countryside of the Howgill fells?
Entry form and information is now available online here;

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Full information below:
012 will be our 44th Event. Set in the Howgills. The last week-end in October 27th and 28th 2012.  In a different area from last year, it will present challenges for everyone who takes part. It is still, internationally the largest and most prestigious Mountain Marathon event. THE OMM tests teamwork, self-reliance, endurance, outdoor and navigational skills.

This event is not suitable for novices to British mountains. Both team members must have some Mountain experience: It is the responsibility of all entrants to choose a course commensurate with their ability and experience. The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry if, in their judgement, insufficient ability and experience is demonstrated in the entry form.

Competition and Courses.

Competition Area The assembly area will only be disclosed when race information is dispatched to competitors in mid August. Seeking to gain advantage by reconnoitring the competition area is against the rules.


Competitors are entered as teams of two (Men, Women or Mixed Teams). There are 8 courses: guideline distances and winning times for each course are listed below. These assume reasonable weather conditions.

  1. Elite (E) 80km 12hrs
  2. A class 65km 11hrs
  3. B class 55km 10hrs
  4. C class 45km 9hrs
  5. D class 40km 8hrs
  6. Long Score (LS) 7 6hrs (day 1 / 2)
  7. Medium Score (MS) 6 5hrs
  8. Short Score (SS) 5 4hrs

Elite Course: With international flavour catering exclusively for the most competent and experienced. Only those with proven ability can be accepted for this class.

A Course: Also exceedingly demanding and embracing the same hazardous terrain but with reduced distance and ascent. For experienced mountain marathon competitors.

B Course: Less demanding than the “A’ course in both distance and climb. For teams with previous mountain marathon experience.

C Course: Intended as a transition between linear courses and Score courses. At certain stages of the course competitors will need to select which controls they visit. Result will be based solely on time.

D Course: Equivalent to C course in previous years. For teams with limited Mountain Marathon experience, but with good hill walking experience.

Score Competition

• Long Score (LS): suitable for the Elite to experienced B category of competitors who have had previous mountain marathon experience or for orienteers who have extensive mountain experience.

• Medium Score (MS): additional challenge for previous Short Score competitors or as an alternative to the B class.

• Score Short (SS): suitable for teams with hill walking experience and good navigation skills or for orienteers who want to use their skills of navigation in the mountains.

On all courses a prize will be awarded for the best placed team with:

  • combined age over 90 (Vets Handicap)
  • all women/mixed gender (Female Team)
  • family team (Family Team)
  • military team (Miltitary Team)

Military Competitors - Jim Hutton Trohpy

Every year we are honoured to receive entries from serving members of the UK military. In recognition of our armed services we are initiating an award for best military team called The Hutton Trophy. This year, the award will be focused on the Long Score as it emphasizes the qualities of the British Armed Forces of self reliance, fitness, navigation and decision making. This award has been presented to OMM by the family of Marine Jamie Hutton who was tragically killed in a training accident. Jamie and his father, Jim, also a serving Royal Marine, were the highest placed family team in their category in the Brecon Beacons 2004. Jim continues to compete as part of the OMM community.

Teams are expected to be able to finish their course in a time of that of the winner plus 50%. Competitors who doubt their ability to complete a course within the time are advised to enter a shorter course.


1. Closing date for entries to be announced.

2.1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners from the last 3 events (other than elite and long score) are ineligible for prizes when competing in the same or lower course.

3. Automatic entry is given to winners of any course or category in the last 3 events, planners and controllers of previous OMM events and international teams and participants on OMM Training Events.

4. We receive entries in excess of the maximum places available. We therefore operate a selection draw once entry is closed.

5. Entries remaining after the maximum numbers have been reached will be held on a reserve list to be allocated places if available as accepted competitors withdraw from the event.

6. Anyone submitting more than one entry will be disqualified from the event.

7. The start list will be published on our website after the entry draw. A printed event programme will be sent to all successful entrants shortly thereafter.

8. Unsuccessful teams will be advised they have not been successful, and receive a full refund of the entry fee.

9. For all cancellations received  up to the closing date of August 1st a full refund is made.  After that date a refund is only given (90%) if the entry can be passed onto another team. Entries cannot be deferred to future years.


ENTRY COSTS: TEAM OF 2: £110.00 (£55 per person) (inc.vat)

  • Event entry includes (per person):
  • Bespoke laminated map for each day
  • Free camping & use of event facilities for the weekend
  • Choice of 8 classes offering different lengths and severity
  • Loan of electronic punches for use over the weekend
  • Quality courses as a result of experienced planners and controllers, corrected maps and careful landowner negotiations.
  • Prizes awarded for ranking and special classes
  • Evening Meal on Sunday
  • Free parking for the weekend
  • Last but not least a well organised event put on by a team of well over a 100 people, many with more than 20 years experience

Entry is either online or by post.

The Event Organiser is:

Jen Longbottom

17 Woodside





Tel: 01706 216612